Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

October 21, 2011

When it comes to your wedding day, shoes can make a big difference to your outfit. They can either complete your outfit, be super comfortable to wear and look stunning or they can wreak havoc in the form of blisters and general pain!
It is really important that you don’t leave buying your wedding shoes until the last minute. Brides often spend months (and in some cases years) selecting the perfect wedding dress. One that will make them feel like a princess on their big day. Neglecting the shoe department and rushing the buying process is a big no-no.

There are several factors that should be considered when looking for wedding shoes. These are as follows:-

High heels or flats?

The big question is really, what are you used to wearing? If you have never worn a pair of high heels (over 3 inches) in your life, then getting a pair of skyscrapers is a bad idea. It will be quite likely that you will get achy feet and be dying to take the heels off within a couple of hours! If however, you are used to wearing high heels, go for it – a pair of killer heels will look stunning and sexy on your wedding day.

Flats and ballet pumps are a great idea in terms of comfort but the selection of shoes available can often be quite limiting. Flat sandals are often a good choice for an outdoor or beach wedding, as you don’t have to worry about your heels sinking in the ground.

Perhaps the most popular heel height for wedding shoes is something mid height like a pair of kitten heels. They offer a little more height and comfort and because they are between 2 to 3 inches, they should offer great stability.


Available Styles

Again, you should probably go for a style that you are used to wearing. Wedding shoes come in all sorts of styles including open toe, closed toe, sling backs, court shoes, sandals and many more. It is important to try the style of shoe on before you buy – many women have problems with open toe shoes rubbing on their toes and this is the last thing you want on your wedding day!



Photo Credit: Emin Kuliyev

Wedding shoes come with all sorts of embellishments. If you are not looking for plain wedding shoes then you can find ones with crystals, bows, pearls and more. These adornments can either be a subtle finish to the shoe, like a buckle with diamante surround or they can be the main feature of them – a high heeled shoe completely covered in glistening Swarovski crystals.



Paradox London Wedding Shoes

Many years ago, brides would have only considered wearing ivory or white wedding shoes. This is no longer the case with many brides choosing brighter colours to contrast their wedding dress. Wedding shoes are now available in an array of fashionable colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown. To make the buying process easier, you should focus on a couple of colours that you think you would like, as the choice of so many different colours can be a little overwhelming.
Have you found the perfect pair of shoes in white or ivory, but actually wanted them in a brighter colour? This is where dyeable shoes come in. If the shoe is dyeable you can get them matched to your gown or a colour swatch by experts.



Assuming you have chosen a heel height and style of shoe that you are used to wearing the chances are that you will find your shoes comfortable to wear. However, there are other factors that can influence how comfortable they are – soft leather lining, padding etc. Look for shoes with these attributes and your feet should feel better.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes women make is not wearing their shoes in. If your wedding day is the first time you wear them it is likely that this will lead to rubbing, blisters and bits digging into your feet.  Now you might feel a bit silly, but try wearing them in whilst doing a bit of hovering or walking round the house! This way you get to make the material a bit more flexible and shape to your foot whilst not worrying about getting them dirty.

Scholl also do a good range of foot comfort products like invisible plasters, gel cushions and sling back strips which might be useful as a preventative for discomfort.



Budget obviously plays a part in what wedding shoes you choose. Whether you are after cheap wedding shoes or more expensive designer ones, there is a lot of choice out there. Remember, sales are a great way of finding the perfect wedding shoe, as they may have been outside your budget before the discount. Amazon and Javari are both having a sale at the moment where you get an extra 20% off at the checkout.


Now that you have seen these tips you may wish to check out the different sections of Wedding Shoes HQ, which have been specifically divided out in the hope of making the inspiration process easier.