Siena Xzane Roma Heeled Sandals – Purple Wedding Shoes With Glistening Swarovski Crystals

August 22, 2011

Siena Xzane Women's Roma Heeled Sandal in purpleGlistening and glamorous, these purple silk wedding shoes by Siena Xzane are divine and are adorned with sparkling  Swarovski Crystals.

Siena Xzane Roma Heeled Sandals are spectacular.  Each shoe has 2 straps that are smothered in luxury in the form of rows of beautiful Swarovski Crystals, all perfectly positioned.  The adjustable ankle strap also has a buckle that has tiny crystals too.

In addition to the 2 large straps, these sandals have a thinner strap that criss crosses across the front of the foot.  Roma sandals also have a stylish platform and a heel of around 4.5 inches.

Roma sandals are designed by Siena Xzane who is well known for creating pieces with intricate detailing and high quality.

These sophisticated heels are perfect as both bridal and bridesmaid shoes and are available to buy here for around £70.

Latest Price: Siena Xzane Roma Heeled Sandal

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